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The Express Yourself program is not your typical popsicle-sticks-and-glitter-glue art class. It is a weekly workshop held at the GLCCB designed specifically for LGBTQ teens to come together and develop their artistic and expressive skills.

The following wedding and engagement announcements were included in our December 2012 issue.


Rebecca Trexler and Elizabeth Kenderdine became engaged to be married on July 28, 2012 in Rehoboth Beach, Del., where they were celebrating five years together as a couple. Ms. Trexler, formerly of Pennsylvania, is employed in the Pediatrics Department at The Johns Hopkins Hospital.  Ms. Kenderdine, an attorney, is a native of Baltimore. The couple resides in Rodgers Forge and are happily preparing for a 2013 wedding in Baltimore.


Richard L. Skolasky, Jr. and Scott C. Eckhardt announce their Sept. 29, 2012 wedding, which was celebrated at their home in Baltimore City amongst friends and family. Dr. Skolasky, formerly of Dundalk, Md., works as a health services researcher at The Johns Hopkins University. Mr. Eckhardt, formerly of Arnold, Md., works as director of judicial affairs at The Community College of Baltimore County. The couple vacationed in Lost River, W.Va., and now, with their two daughters, reside in the Original Northwood neighborhood of Baltimore City.


Eric Beard and David Sackett became engaged to be married on Nov. 6, 2012. Mr. Beard, son of Ken & Dixie Beard of York, Pa., is a design architect at Whitman, Requardt & Associates. Mr. Sackett, parents deceased, is a risk manager for T. Rowe Price. Both reside in Baltimore, Md. and are planning a summer 2013 wedding for close friends and family.


Rik Newton-Treadway and Paulie Treadway III proudly announce they will celebrate their 13th anniversary of their Baltimore, Vt., civil union by getting married in their hometown of Baltimore, Md., Nov. 11, 2013.

[1] This Agreement between Gay Life and the Advertiser is to establish the terms and conditions for advertising placed by the Advertiser in Gay Life.

[2] The Advertiser agrees to pay Gay Life the amount indicated on the Advertising Contract per insertion for advertising space during the insertion period covered by the Agreement. This rate is inclusive of all applicable discounts. Gay Life agrees to invoice the Advertiser for each insertion, and the Advertiser agrees to pay the outstanding balance within ten days of receipt of the invoice, unless extended payment options are granted by Gay Life. If the Advertiser has elected to prepay the full amount covered by this Agreement, then said payment must be received by Gay Life within five business days of the signing date of this Agreement. Gay Life reserves the right to submit outstanding invoices to a collection agent if payment has not been made within 90 days of the original invoice due date. Interest will accrue at 1.5% monthly for balances 90 days or older. If legal recourse against the Advertiser for failure to remit payment as outlined in this agreement becomes necessary, all legal fees will be the responsibility of the Advertiser.

[3] Gay Life begins distribution on the last Friday of the month, with a cover date of the following month. Ad space must be reserved two weeks prior to street date. If Gay Life is to design the ads (for an additional fee) then the Advertiser agrees to provide all ad copy, artwork, photographs, and/or any other information needed, two weeks prior to street date. If no ad creation assistance is needed, the digital-ready artwork deadline for each issue shall be 6:00 p.m. of the Friday one week prior to the date of publication. Failure to meet Gay Life’s deadline may result in forfeiture of inclusion in that edition of Gay Life, and will be regarded by Gay Life as a Late Cancellation, which is subject to a penalty of 25% of the ad cost for that issue or $50, whichever is greater, to be paid by the Advertiser. If the Advertiser is to provide Gay Life a digital-ready version of the ad, then the Advertiser agrees to deliver to Gay Life said ad at or before the deadline for each issue.

[4] The Advertiser may elect to increase the size of the ads placed during the insertion period covered by the Agreement, the details of which must be specified in writing, and signed by both parties. The Advertiser may not decrease the size of the ads placed during the insertion period covered by this Agreement without the approval of Gay Life.

[5] At the request of the Advertiser, Gay Life will, if possible, guarantee specific ad placement or page location only if the Advertiser agrees to pay a 20% surcharge of the cost of each ad, or $25 for each ad, whichever is greater.

[6] Either party to this Agreement may cancel it after giving the other party 30 days’ written notification of their intent to cancel the Agreement. If the Advertiser seeks to cancel the Agreement, and discount(s) contingent upon advertising a specific number of insertions, or over a specific length of time, which are not fulfilled will be disallowed and the Advertiser will be billed at the standard rate earned. In addition, any ad(s) that were originally scheduled to run during the 30 day cancellation period as mandated in the dictates of the original contract will be billed at the standard rate earned.

[7] Exceptions to the cancellation/size-change provisions of this Agreement are only at the express written permission of Gay Life, to be detailed in an addendum to this Agreement, and signed by both parties.

[8] Ads designed by Gay Life are the sole property of Gay Life, and may not be reproduced in any manner without the express written permission of Gay Life, unless the Advertiser paid Gay Life for the ad creation.

[9] The Advertiser agrees to the terms and conditions set forth by Gay Life for all display advertisements that appear in the magazine. Gay Life reserves the right to reject any ad that is deemed objectionable, offensive, libelous, or otherwise unacceptable. All claims and conditions made in advertisements are the sole responsibility of the Advertiser.

Our Gay Life Holiday Gift Guide highlights products, services, and creations from local stores, professionals, artists and more.

Do you like adorable décor and free holiday treats? Have you ever wondered about local B&Bs, but as a local never had the chance to peek inside?

Gender Rights Maryland (GRMD), the state’s only civil rights organization exclusively representing trans persons, and the Howard County and Baltimore County chapters of Parents and Families of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG), announced they will continue the alliance they formed in passing gender identity and expression legislation in the two Maryland counties.

While the marriage equality wins in Maryland, Maine, and Washington generated the largest coverage this election cycle, there were several other significant LGBT victories that occurred around the nation in the wake of Election Day results.

Just in time for Halloween, Baltimore writer Norman Prentiss talks to Gay Life about the essentials of successful horror writing, his stories, and the synchronicity between the gay experience and the core elements of horror fiction.

More exciting events are taking place at your community center this fall. Check out some of November’s events:

Voting matters! Yes, even in Maryland. Despite Maryland’s primarily blue hue, there are multiple ballot initiatives that are too close to call. Marylanders will be asked to vote on Question 6, which would uphold the Civil Marriage Protection Act. The Act will grant same-sex couples the right to be married in the state, effective Jan. 1, 2013. The text of Question 6 will read:

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