Chef’s Special. The cast of ‘Eating Out 3’ delivers the dish...

Three newcomers—Daniel Skelton, Michael E.R. Walker and Chris Salvatore—make their feature film debut in Eating Out: All You Can Eat, the third installment in...

Charm city boys celebrate 8 years of gender performance (Baltimore Gay...

Baltimore, Maryland: In May, the Charm City Boys will celebrate 8 years of gender performance in Baltimore. This premier gender performance troupe has entertained countless audiences on stages throughout the city. Ongoing support from a constantly growing fan base has enabled the Charm City Boys to become the second-longest running Drag King troupe in the world.

Charles Pennington LaMont (Baltimore Gay Life

Charles Pennington LaMont passed away on August 13, 2009 at the age of twenty-two years old. Event though he was young, Charles was a tireless advocate for homeless youth and also devoted many hours as a volunteer for programs and events concerning Baltimore’s LGBT community.

Change (Baltimore Gay Life – Maryland’s LGBT Community Newspaper)

The waves of change are splashing, but for some reason, I am not getting wet. As winter starts to slowly pass, and the cold weather starts to disappear, change in the season can be noticed everywhere. People are starting to eat outside, sweaters and coats are being replaced with shirts and sweater-vests, and above all, people are exercising more outdoors.

Center Stage’s “It’s a Wonderful Life”

It’s A Wonderful Life is so much a part of the holiday landscape that it’s hard to imagine the season without it. And Center...


Sam Cook. Cassius Clay. Malcolm X. Jim Brown. Four celebrated black men who were each famous in their fields. But each was so much...

Center Stage Gets Wild with Coleman Domingo

Coleman Domingo is a tireless and versatile performer. Perhaps you caught his Tony-nominated turn in The Scotsboro Boys, or his performances in Passing Strange...

Catching Up with the Monastero Twins

With more than 35,000 subscribers and 2.5 million hits to their eponymous YouTube channel, it’s safe to say that the fraternal Monastero Twins—Luke and...

Catching Up with Crisean

“Being my authentic self—that is, openly gay—frees me to be more creative! I believe I have a duty to be visible.” These heartfelt sentiments come...

Can You Take the “I” Out of Community? (Baltimore Gay Life

Do forgive my recent hiatus, for life has been quite chaotic of late. As you know, the entire Worthington household decamps to the East Hampton compound for the summer season. While this is normally a peaceful transition, I found myself hosting numerous guests for the majority of the past month.

Campbell Soup Stands by Advocate ads

Despite criticism from the American Family Association over "openly ... helping homosexual activists push their agenda," the Campbell Soup Company plans to continue advertising...

Campbell Soup Stands by Advocate ads (Baltimore Gay Life

Despite criticism from the American Family Association over "openly ... helping homosexual activists push their agenda," the Campbell Soup Company plans to continue advertising in theAdvocate.

Cafe Gia (Baltimore Gay Life

Cafe Gia strives to provide the feel of bistros that the owner's family left behind in Sicily when they moved to Baltimore's Little Italy in 1953 (“Gia” is the owner's nickname).

But, I don’t have time to cry . . . (Baltimore...

Do you ever find your schedule is too busy to do things that are most important for your well-being? If you’re like me, from the time I wake up I am always in motion before walking out the door. I have little time before I reach my destination where there are people around me and no opportunities to tear up. Even, at the end of a long day, which becomes longer on the return commute, I still have to do things when I get home.

BSO to Pay Tribute to Michael Jackson (Baltimore Gay Life

Concert Will Celebrate King of Pop’s Life and Career

Brother Can You Spare a Dime (Baltimore Gay Life

Isn’t this depression ghastly! Opening the newspaper has turned into a study in despair as the country’s economy continues to teeter on the abyss of disaster. Alcohol consumption seems to have increased in the Worthington household to a point that I suggested Traxie install a still in the basement if she cannot control her thirst. Rosita proposed bath tub gin might be more appropriate for a depression; her last lucid moment of the day, I can assure you. She is, after all, the other culprit in the ongoing “empty vodka bottle mystery”, or as you and I like to call it, Tuesday morning. I sometimes feel as if I am running my own petite rehab clinic with an unfortunate success rate! Thank God Silvio isn’t fond of the juice or we would never get any.

Brand New Me: You Are What You Eat!!!!! (Baltimore Gay Life

I hope that readers have enjoyed my column so far and thank you for continuing to read my thoughts and advice. This issue I am dedicating to nutrition. Now that we are working on improving ourselves - being more active and getting our heart in better shape, we need to improve our eating habits. I am going to break down the food groups for you and give sensible options and choices. Remember if you want a BETTER YOU, you have to EAT WELL. That old adage…”You are what you eat,” rings so true for us.

Boy Meets Girl (and everything in-between)

Eric Schaeffer, writer/director of the small independent film Boy Meets Girl, has created a big hit at LGBT film fests across the country that...

Both Sides Now (Baltimore Gay Life

What you want, you don’t have; what you have, you don’t want. NSA. No Strings Attached. “It’s just sex,” you say. I’ve heard it all before. You assume that the grass is greener in your neighbor’s bedroom. Admittedly, I’ve gone through that phase in my life. I’d even pondered whether my next relationship should be closed or open. 

Book Review: “The Spectral Wilderness”

What does it mean to be a man? Those who have spelunked into the caves of gender or queer theory are likely to move toward...