Tucked away in small town America lies a hotbed of bias and social conformity that serves to suffocate individuality and expression. Those who lie outside of clearly defined notions of normalcy have the burden of either embracing or encasing their true selves, in an all-familiar test of true desire. In The Revelation of Bobby Pritchard, said burden is eloquently illuminated as the result of a menagerie of poignant dreams that become the precursor to altered realities.

Having previously fled the stifling small town atmosphere many years ago, Marta’s lucid dreams of the late Bobby Pritchard and questions about his death prompt her return. Partner in tow, she makes the arduous journey back into the religious, decidedly rural town. Marta’s encounters with family and their internal struggles with identity and sexuality serves to vindicate Bobby Pritchard’s untimely demise. While seeking to marry her partner in the church of her youth, Marta’s family and the tough decisions surrounding their upbringing, society, and sexual orientation acts as catalyst to an explosive revelation of something more.

Created by Rich Espey, Baltimore native and award-winning playwright, actor, and teacher, The Revelation of Bobby Pritchard serves as a powerful addition to an already impressive roster including Hope’s Arbor and Following Sarah, winners of Best Play in the 2006 and 2012 Baltimore Playwrights Festival respectively.

Put on by Baltimore’s queer theatre company, Iron Crow Theatre, The Revelation of Bobby Pritchard is one of many engaging productions put on by the company. Since 2010, the theatre has produced, re-imagined, and directed several amazing pieces of art to reflect the LGBTQ experience through the lenses of subversion and intrigue. Illuminating the work of over 100 local artists and reaching a growing audience of conversationalists looking to challenge the status quo, Iron Crow Theatre continues to push the envelope. Steve Satta, Artistic Director, directs and helps to bring this moving production debuting March 13.

For an engaging, introspective portrait of the intricacies surrounding queer life in small town America, The Revelation of Bobby Pritchard is a production not to be missed.

Iron Crow Theatre presents The Revelation of Bobby Pritchard
March 13–28
The Baltimore Theatre Project
45 W. Preston St.

Gay Life March 2015


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