Crystal Waters’ “100% Pure Love” spent 48 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1994, becoming one of the longest charting singles of all time. In addition to being certified gold, “100% Pure Love” won the Billboard Music Award for top-selling club single. Its accompanying video earned an MTV Video Music Awards nomination.

Since then, Waters has remained a prominent force in the underground dance scene. Her singles “Dancefloor” and “Never Enough” were both Top 20 Billboard dance hits. “Destination Calabria” was #1 on the pop charts in more than thirty countries. “Le Bump”, her collaboration with Yolanda Be Cool, reached the top of the Beatport House Chart and “Come On Down” (based on the theme song from The Price Is Right), “My Time,” and 2013’s “Oh, Mama, Hey” were all Billboard #1s. Her latest single is “Be Kind,” a collaboration with the Grammy-nominated producer StoneBridge.

To celebrate the 20-year anniversary of “100% Pure Love,” Crystal Waters laid down new vocals to an updated production that incorporates the melody and sounds of the original but reworks them with a modern tribal house vibe and a hint of electro. This entirely new version proves a modern anthem can have big room energy without being a banger.

How did Armand Pena convince you to re-sing “100% Pure Love”?
I’ve never re-sang the vocals for anyone, but I wanted to do something special for the 20th anniversary of the song. When I first met Armand, he said it was always his dream to remake “100% Pure Love.” I told him if he came up with the right track, I’d do it. I love Armand’s work. I knew he’d make it hot.

Would you agree the song remains as relevant today as it was twenty years ago?
“100% Pure Love” is timeless. It was unique when it first came out and remains so today. I love the lyrics. They are strong and sexy and more than just a put your hands up dance song.

What is one thing you feel 100% pure love towards these days?
I feel 100% love for my family, friends, and my fans too because without them, I’d be nothing.

How do tracks like “Be Kind” represent who you are as an artist today?
Ah, “Be Kind.” Stonebridge and I just wanted to make a great song. We didn’t worry about where it would fit in or if it would go #1. The production Stone did on that track is perfection. That’s where I am today. Quality is number one.

What’s the most significant lesson you have learned from two decades in the music business?
To not get caught up in the negative. There are so many negative thoughts, words and people in this business. My motto is “stay positive and keep it moving.”

Armand Pena & Crystal Waters’ “100% Pure Love” is available on iTunes now as is Crystal Water’s latest single, “Be Kind.” For more information on Crystal Waters, visit

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