Nicole Bettis

Dear Nikki, My girlfriend of 3ys gave me a teddy bear and a card for Valentine’s day…that’s it. I don’t mean to sound ungrateful but WTF???
Anonymous, 24, female
Hagerstown, MD

This situation is kind of tricky…. On one hand, she could be going through a little financial issue right know (hello, we are in a recession). On the other hand, depending on what she got you in the previous years, she could be testing you to make sure you’re not a gold digging ho (it’s just a figure of speech). Whatever happened to “It’s the thought that counts”? Between me and you, my girlfriend is lucky she thought a little MORE this year. ;0).

My boyfriend (of 7 yrs) is furious with me for not getting him an engagement ring for Valentine’s day. So I didn’t buy him a ring. I spent a ton on a lot of other nice crap!
So Over It, 31, male
Rehoboth Beach, DE

Maybe he’s not as mad about the ring as he is about the fact that YOU obviously don’t want to get married right now. If he is pressuring you, you need to let him know before he pushes you right out of the door. And, if you don’t think he’s the one for you, maybe you should walk out of the door all by yourself.

My relatively new girlfriend gave me a list of acceptable gifts for Valentine’s day and I picked one thing off the list and got it for her. Turns out she wanted ALL of them. She gave me one week to get the rest of the stuff or she’s gone. What should I do?
Shelly, 23, female
Baltimore, MD

Shelly, buy her a very cute, very big, very expensive, GOOD BYE card. Good Luck!

Nikki, I wrote my man a poem for Valentine’s day (with a lot of intimate details about our love life in it) and he showed it to all of his friends. I’m so embarrassed. Should I be?
Mike, 21, male
Frederick, MD

Awww, Mike, Don’t be embarrassed. Apparently he is proud of it (your poem) and he wants to show it off. Let him. If any of his friends ask you about it….plead the 5th! xoxo


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