I am here for your entertainment and prowled the streets of Baltimore to see what I could find for you!

On Sunday April 10, Miss Victoria Blair had a benefit show at Mixer’s on BelAir Rd. to help raise money to continue her efforts to run for Miss Gay MD America 2011! Miss Blair gathered many entertainers to help her such as and not limited to Miss Marketta Minett, Miss Anita Minett, Miss Kelly Koxx, Miss Anastacia (Miss Mixers 2010), Miss Cha’nel Van Cartier Couture, Miss Shateesah Alexander, and of course Miss Victoria Blair. MC for the evening was Miss Karmella and DJ Joe Pipkin spun the music for the evening. As always the bar was packed and everyone was entertained.

On Thursday April 14, I finally was able to attend the Annual Towson University Drag Show. It was held at the Queer Student Union and included many students along with local entertainers such as Miss Anastacia, Miss Karmella, Miss Anita Minett, Miss Phoenix Bloomingdale, Miss Sue Nami, Miss Vanity Starr, Miss Kelly Koxx and many students who performed in various acts. The show was free and was very entertaining from start to finish.

Friday April 15, at PW’s Sports Bar Miss Stormy Vain & Miss Regina Jozet Adams held a benefit for John Hopkins. The night was full of many entertainers including Miss Marketta Minett, Miss Ada Buffet, Miss Cha’nel Van Cartier Couture, Miss Ashlee Jozet Adams, Miss Gracie Freebush including Miss Stormy & Miss Regina. Miss Stormy Vain finished out the night with a song and requested anyone who had or knew someone who died from cancer to come join her on stage. The stage got so full of people with many with tears and Stormy brought the house down. The night was a huge success with all the entertainers giving up all their tips from the night, and they raised over $700.00 for John Hopkins. As John Hopkins was leaving for the evening they were given another $100.00 to add to the donations. What an amazing evening for all.

Now onto one of the biggest weekends for the drag community. April 16 -18, Miss Gay MD America 2011 Pageant being held at Club Hippo. Starting Saturday night was Miss Gay MD in Review Show which included many past winners. Sunday, April 17 was the start of the contest with 10 contestants. The girls started the night with Solo Talent and they all were amazing. Next was Evening Gown and Talent. In between all the categories was plenty of entertainment. Many local entertainers along with Miss Gay America 2011 Coti Collins, Miss CoCo Montrese, Miss Nicole Dubois and Miss Gay MD 2010 Onyx Revlon. Monday night as the night started, all the contestants were reintroduced and then the top five girls were announced: Miss Cha’nel Van Cartier Courture, Miss Chi Chi Ray Colby, Miss Araya Sparxx, Miss Sabrina Summers, and Miss Meaner.

After all the entertainment, on stage questions, solo talent, talent and evening gown the winners were announced: First Runner Up, Miss Araya Sparxx and Miss Gay MD America 2011, Miss Chi Chi Ray Colby!

Congratulations to all the contestants and a Special Congratulations to Miss Chi Chi Ray Colby and Miss Araya Sparxx for a job well done. What an amazing night for everyone!

On a personal note, I would like to say happy three-year-anniversary to my daughter and son-n-law (Samantha & Billy Dickens) which was celebrated on April 19.

Finally: Please be safe out there and make sure you lock your car doors and that personal items are hidden and out of sight. I was out and had someone break into my vehicle and stole my new friend’s backpack. On a funny note, they also stole my mints from my center console. Just be careful out there.

Until next time boys & girls when Hunter is on the Prowl!


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