David Placher

The waves of change are splashing, but for some reason, I am not getting wet. As winter starts to slowly pass, and the cold weather starts to disappear, change in the season can be noticed everywhere. People are starting to eat outside, sweaters and coats are being replaced with shirts and sweater-vests, and above all, people are exercising more outdoors. The warmer weather also appears to help shape people’s moods. As people are able to spend time enjoying the outdoor sun, there are more opportunities to express positive attitudes and warm smiles. But this change is not restricted to weather or attitudes, but appears to be creeping into people’s lives—unexpectedly or expectedly. The question that naturally comes to mind is – does spring create an appetite for change?

A few days ago, I was walking with co-workers to lunch, when suddenly, one of my friends call to inform me that he is dating someone new. My inappropriate and knee-jerk response, “What happened to the one you were dating two weeks ago? I liked him.” As I felt the “foot in mouth syndrome” strike, he ignored my comment and continued discussing his new found friend.

A few days thereafter, I learned of a friend getting a new job. When I heard the positive news, I kindly asked, “Why are you switching jobs? I thought you were happy.” She roared back with a quick, “I was not happy. I tolerated it.” Later we discussed this topic in greater detail. She wanted to leave her job for a better opportunity and career advancement.

Finally, I have some friends that are preparing to fight the tough real estate market. “Why are you guys selling? You know the market is bad.” That was the first question that flowed from my lips. Counter, “we are ready to move to a different part of town. Besides, we have lived here for six years and want to live somewhere new.” Understanding the financial risks, their desire for change trumped any reasoning for staying.

With spring arriving, my life seems in need of a change. But what should I change? Look for a new, exciting, and better career? Yes, I am always looking to better myself both financially and professionally—at anytime of the year. Place my home on the market? I wish, but can’t. The feeling of change that has oozed into so many lives is still being held back by invisible barriers and high flood gates when applied to my life. Maybe within the next month, I will have an announcement, but maybe I won’t. What matters most—I believe– is that I am happy now.


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