Tuesday, June 25, 2019
Crystal Waters’ “100% Pure Love” spent 48 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1994, becoming one of the longest charting singles of all time. In addition to being certified gold, “100% Pure Love” won the Billboard Music...
Dreamboarding draws from a powerful technique called creative visualization, which uses your imagination to create what you want in your life. It also uses the Law of Attraction to help you attract what you want in life. Visualization and attraction invoke emotions that add an element proving to be influential in changing your life.
To some, cruising on the high seas can be scary. We’ve all heard of the high-profile mishaps over the past year or so that have frightened many. Or, that’s the impression. Actually, cruising has never been more popular and...
The legal case against the Turkish GLBT group Lambda Istanbul returned to local court April 30 and the organization was granted permission to continue operating.
For months it was rumored that country music singer-songwriter Chely Wright would announce that she’s a lesbian and appear on the cover of People Magazine. And this is the week, launching her seventh album, "Lifted Off the Ground,” released on Vanguard Records and her memoir, “Like Me,” published by Random House.
We sometimes experience fears of outside entities, say: public speaking, dogs, snakes, heights, etc. But, what about the internal fears of: rejection, failure, conflict, being alone. Fears are energy drainers that only get worse the longer you allow them to eat away your life.

Corner BYOB

Corner BYOB has finally managed to acquire its liquor license, making it both a BYOB and a BuyYOB. With a prime location on Hampden’s “Avenue,” Corner BYOB provided some delicious food, questionable service, and decidedly mixed feelings. It is...
College is a time to explore new interests, discover new places, and meet new people. For a lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT) student, it can also be an opportunity to come out to peers who may be more accepting than their own family members or friends back home. Coming out in college can be a liberating experience because it can build self-esteem and help forge genuine relationships and connections with other LGBT students. For the first time in their lives, students feel like they can finally be themselves. But, along with the freedom that coming out can provide comes the fear that, even in a more liberal environment, the student may be rejected for their sexuality. Here are some suggestions to help LGBT students disclose their sexuality to peers. 
Changing social and political attitudes toward LGBT individuals is evidenced by the increasing number of youth coming out at younger and younger ages. Yet, high rates of homelessness and suicide among and violence against LGBT youth suggests that there is much more that we as parents, educators and a community can do to create a more supportive environment in which youth can come out into.
If you can actually remember where you were when the Stonewall Riots happened (June 27-28, 1969), you might be what some consider to be an older adult” Not necessarily an elder or a senior, you are somewhere in the...
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