campbell's lesbian ads

Despite criticism from the American Family Association over “openly … helping homosexual activists push their agenda,” the Campbell Soup Company plans to continue advertising in the Advocate.

The company ran two pages of ads in the December issue and two pages in the January issue.

One ad shows a lesbian couple, owners of a New York restaurant, and their young son with a box of the company’s Swanson Broth and a bowl of the restaurant’s butternut squash bisque. Text identifies them as a couple, mentions their son, and gives the recipe for the bisque. The other ads feature New York City chefs.

In late December, company spokesman Anthony Sanzio told Advertising Age that Swanson will run additional ads in the Advocate.

“Inclusion and diversity play an important role in our business,” he said. “For more than a century, people from all walks of life have enjoyed Campbell’s products, and we will continue to try to communicate in ways that are meaningful and relevant to them.”

The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation is urging supporters of the ads to contact Campbell and its Swanson division because, “unfortunately, they will be hearing from the AFA and their supporters, who want to make our families and our lives invisible.” For additional information, see


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