Earlier this month, Billy Winn released his first collection of dance anthems, The Remixes, The Revisit, and The Unreleased. The EP includes brand new mixes of Winn’s hits “Future X Boyfriend” and “Cruel Intentions”. He will perform them and his latest single, “Glow In The Dark”, at Baltimore Pride on Sunday, July 26 at 3pm. We asked him 5 questions for Pride.

What personal accomplishment are you most proud of in 2015?

​2015 has been a whirlwind thus far; with the release of my double single in February and then my EP this month. I think those releases have been my biggest accomplishments so far this year—and the things that I am most proud of.​

What are your thoughts on the Supreme Court’s ruling on gay marriage?

I think the ruling on gay marriage is incredible! For me, it feels like when President Obama was first elected. It feels like inclusiveness and it lends to the possibility of moving closer to equal rights for everyone. It’s inspiring and it’s a reminder that despite how things may be, change is always possible.

What do you think the ruling means for other important causes like the fight for equal pay for women, or trans rights, or the black lives matter movement?

I think each cause is separate and therefore will be handled in its own way, however every victory, like equal marriage, is a step in the right direction and should only continue to encourage change, and encourage people to make a stand because it makes a difference.

Is racism a problem within the LGBT community?

Racism is a problem in general. It’s no different in the LGBT community. I’ve thankfully not experienced a great deal of racism in my life, however it’s definitely something you see in the gay community. It’s odd when you think about it, considering the prejudices we as gay people deal with as a whole, but it definitely exists.

What do young gay men need to do to ensure this victory does not make the community complacent or divided?

One thing that I noticed shortly after the gay marriage ruling was the negative comments on social media that people were making, using religion and the bible as their reasons, and for me it made the moment bittersweet. It reminded me that while this was a victory, we still have a long way to go on all the issues and causes not just facing the LGBT community, but also Black Americans and all people of color in America, with women, and with prejudice and ignorance in general.

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Baltimore Pride 2015


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