Generation Next
Mixed by DJ Junior Vasquez
(Silver Label)
If you buy only one dance CD this summer, make it Generation Next. It is a collection of today’s best hard house beats delivered by one of dance music’s undisputed masters. The album pulls listeners in from the first wail of Oceana’s “Body Rock” to the last thump of Razor and Guido’s “Get Up Stand Up 09”. It also features two new Vasquez studio stormers: the groovy progressive jam “I Love Music” and the brash, gospel-infused vocals of songstress Maxi J. on the big-room blaster “Insecurities”.

Generation Next adds a bold exclamation point to the litany of legendary tracks Junior Vasquez has produced over the course of his decades in the business. It’s a dark, sexy and uncompromising dose of high-energy house that emphasizes the spinner’s relevance and enduring ability to create the choicest cuts in the genre today.

…And Then There Was Alexander
Joey Salinas
You think Justin Timberlake brought sexy back? Think again. For summer 2009, Joey Salinas is heating things up with the release of his new album …And Then There Was Alexander. In fact, the first single, “Bedtime”, was inspired by a late night booty call. It is that brazenly honest, personalized touch that makes Salinas stand out from the rest of the pack of young out artists releasing albums this summer. But beyond the provocative subject matter, his musicality resounds throughout; from the sweeping violins in the ballad, “Perfect”, to the rockin’ guitar strums in “Befriended”. Nothing is better, though, then when Joey Salinas hits those high notes in “I loved You”. It will make you wish Salinas was in bed with you singing those words in your ear. That’s what sexy is about. Timberlake, take note.

No Secret
(D1 Music)
upaNova is a multi-faceted entertainer that believes music and dance have the power to heal the soul and inspire the heart. The artist first broke into the scene in 2006 with “New Horizon”, a club track that remains a dance floor fave today due to its pounding beat, catchy hook, and positive, thought provoking lyrics. It’s been three years but finally the artist who is part Sylvester, part Grace Jones is back and ready to reclaim the spotlight. “No Secrets” is an edgy euro-infused track about a lady who transforms into a sexual creature of the night. Once again, SupaNova impresses with sharp lyrics and a fresh sound that will add an exciting new flavor to this summer’s dance floors. The DJ Escape/Dom Capello mix on the maxi single is a particular standout.

Barton - Valentine

Barton’s “Valentine” will be the indie dance track of the summer. Remixed by DJ Eric Kupper and Davidson Ospina, “Valentine” is sexy and intensely haunting. Barton ushers us into his cavernous world with “Morning comes along and I hear the song…” and then tantalizes us with sweeping lyrics like “Glimmers of your love like raindrops from above”. It’s the stuff that soaking, sweaty, dirty, dark nights on the dance floor are made of. The original 1996 track featuring Barton with Kathy Sledge is included on the maxi single. It’s amazing to see how Kupper and Ospina manage to re-invent Barton and the track for today’s gay dance floor.


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