Before you dive into the wholesome sugar rush that surrounds Christmas, join Trixie Little and her faithful companion Evil Hate Monkey at their holidays-on-Spanish-fly spectacle. This love/hate acrobatic duo wants to take you away into an adults-only enchanted forest full of sparkling lights and not so tongue-in-cheek femme mystic. Now in their seventh year, Trixie and Monkey will invade the halls of Creative Alliance for the Holiday Spectac-U-Thon, a heavy dollop of holiday spirit spread over dazzling trapeze stunts and risquÈ burlesque performances guaranteed to put an ache in your sweet tooth.

Since 2002, Trixie and Monkey have taken their years of circus training and second skin thin clothing from the 14 Karat Cabaret and other art venues of Baltimore, to the glittering lights of New York and Los Angeles. But these Baltimoreans return to their roots with two annual shows for last two major holidays. With the Baltimore Burlesque Beauty Pageant, Bunny Vicious as the crowned winner, and the Holiday Spectac-u-thon, Trixie and Monkey keep a full docket with a rotating schedule in New Yorkís clubs, 30 plus acts, and two full length theater shows gathering national recognition.

The Holiday Spectac-U-Thon, the brain child of this now happily engaged couple, is “…the most fun, weird, sexy and hilarious holiday show out there! The holidays can be saccharine and predictable, but they donít have to be!î exclaims Trixie when we pick her brain. She goes on to state that, ìI still love elves, gingerbread, snowballs, jokes about snowballs, jingle bells, Dickens, and virgins. And we put them all to good use!”

Much like Cirque du Soleil, seeing the wacky collection of friends that are attracted to this tiny powerhouse is worth the advance price of admission. So whet your appetite with this spicy plum. It promises to leave a pleasant after taste.

Trixie and Monkey’s Holiday Spectac-U-Thon
Fri., Dec. 23, 7 & 10pm • $17-22
The Patterson • 3134 Eastern Ave.
410.276.1651 •


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