The Degenerettes began when Rahne Alexander and her partner paired with other women who shared their desire to start a band.

With Alexander’s love for wordplay and stringed instrument versatility, The Degenerettes began practicing regularly in a friend’s garage. Their artistically fluid sound was given an invitation to perform at a gallery opening, and the band mates were soon knocking on club doors to gift Baltimore with their choice offerings.

That passion has kept this punk/riot/art rock band alive, despite the loss of their former bassist to a demanding graduate program into their third year. But fate brought Chrissy Howland to one of their shows and close quarters during a three-week tour confirmed that this trio was destined to play together. And now, five years strong, The Degenerettes are polishing their second studio album courtesy of Creative Capitalism records and Lord Baltimore Studios.

Noted for their quirky themes and the visually enticing stories, The Degenerettes make absurdities found in B-movies parallel our political confusion and the misinformation of our social media. With songs such as, “I Was a Teeny Bopper for the CIA�? and “Fell in Love with a Mummy,�? this garage band is making its mark on the Baltimore music scene with notable turns of phrases and cautionary tales of love crafted with the patience of a surgeon.

While discussing her writing process, Alexander describes one memorable writing session, “… [A]bout ten years ago, I wrote a song in about five minutes. Like a good pimple, it just popped right out … It didn’t even really need any edits… it felt really good but I don’t think I’d want all the songs to pop out fully-formed. My favorite and most meaningful songs need a gestation period, even before the rest of the band gets to hear them.�?

Charm City cannot claim the birth of the lead lyricist who started writing her songs on her mother’s classical guitar. California, with its sun and surf, is the state in which Alexander grew up as a male bemused by the baggage that came with this pronoun. Fast forward to college years and a girlfriend’s gentle encouragement, Rahne Alexander left behind the uncomfortable life as a male and came to Baltimore’s open arms. For her, Baltimore was kind of love at first sight. While on a quest for a new home, she recalls a “…vital atmosphere here. There was this delightful mixture of potential energy and historical foundation here, and the city was full of surprises everywhere I turned.�?

The Degenerettes will show you how they like to get down this summer at Sidebar Tavern August 10. This highly anticipated evening will include a few songs from Alexander’s treasure chest of wicked covers and alluring samplings of their fall release. Should your schedule not permit you to indulge your senses, pick up their first album, “Bad Girls Go to Hell,�? at CD Universe or Atomic Books.

DETAILS: The Degenerettes, Wednesday, August 10, doors 5pm. Sidebar Tavern, 218 E. Lexington St. 410.659.4130.


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