Gay Life is a publication of the Gay & Lesbian Community Center of Baltimore. It’s published every other Friday in Baltimore, Maryland, with distribution throughout the mid-Atlantic region. As a social enterprise of the community center, revenues generated by Gay Life support the Center and, in turn, its myriad services in the community. Gay Life is one of the oldest examples of a GLBT newspaper, which is produced by a non-profit community association. We began publishing the newspaper in September of 1977 just six months after the inception of the Center. We’ve come along way from our humble beginnings and are proud of our heritage.

Today, Gay Life distributes nearly 10,000 papers throughout the Mid Atlantic region. Our estimated readership is approximately 40,000! Our editorials offer insightful and engaging commentary not only on local events, but also on national news. Throughout the year we focus several of our editions on specific GLBT topics, such as the Pride Festival, which takes place in Baltimore every June. In addition to our editorial commentary, we offer Print and Classified advertising where businesses and organizations can market to the mid-Atlantic GLBT community. Our Loyal advertisers consistently inform us that advertising in Gay Life is a very effective tool.

We have many goals for the Gay Life newspaper. We are ever growing and transitioning along with shifting socio-cultural trends in our society. We gain more and more readers every year. As always, our publication is absolutely free. Please stop by one of our many distribution points and pick up a copy to see what is going on in the mid-Atlantic GLBT world. We can also deliver Gay Life directly to your home or business. You can access the subscription form right here on our website. In addition, we welcome editorial submissions and press releases. And we encourage businesses and organizations to advertise in our pages.

We are extremely proud to serve the mid-Atlantic GLBT community.

Gay Life is copyrighted and may not be reproduced without the express written consent of the publisher.

Opinions expressed are those of the writers and do not necessarily reflect those ofGay Life, its publisher, or the Gay & Lesbian Community Center of Baltimore.


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